Cute overload as bear cub explores backyard

Ah, those halcyon days of youth, when energy is unlimited, and any random item is a toy to be explored. Just like us, bears go through a period of exuberance, and it’s as touching to watch as a child at play. Maybe more, because a mature black bear can be a very scary sight under the wrong circumstances.

And certainly the mother is nearby watching over her playful cub, so it’s wise of the person behind the camera to stay well back and let their zoom do the work. At this age it is important for a cub to test their strength and agility, as climbing trees (and even cliff faces) will become a regular part of their foraging routine.

Likewise, play fighting is an integral activity for cubs, which teaches them how to handle themselves in sticky situations. In the absence of a playmate, this young bear spars with a piece of yellow plastic. A poor replacement for a proper ursine opponent, but beggars can’t be choosers.

If this wasn’t enough to fill your need for adorable, check out a recent video of a cub horsing around on a golf course green.