Crumbling iceberg swamps boat with massive tsunami

I’m not sure how many people’s bucket list has “stare down a tsunami,” on it, but the fellow in this video can go ahead and check off that item. Putting aside common sense, the boat lingers close to an iceberg avalanche, which rapidly displaces enough water to create a localized tsunami. Which is a Japanese term for a terrifyingly huge wave.

We’ve posted about iceberg avalanches before, but in that video, the people were rightly frightened of the huge wave coming toward them. The man behind the camera seems remarkably calm as the wave looms, right before retreating to the boat’s cabin as the crashing water floods the boat.

Avalanches are one of nature’s most raw expressions of power. Thousands of tonnes of ice collapsing at once can have unpredictable results and mass destruction.

While the video is definitely breath-taking, the gentleman filming took a massive risk lingering that close to an iceberg avalanche. He was lucky to escape with his life, and a souvenir that reveals the immense power of mother nature.

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