Cottagers cut deer antlers free of hammock

Normally a hammock is a symbol of lazy afternoons swinging in the sun, a cool glass of iced-tea, and a good book. Yes, the hammock may be the ultimate stress-killer at the cottage.

Unless you’re a deer.

In an unfortunate turn of events, a young whitetail buck found that a hammock can also be a hazard. The wandering buck must have been curious about the hammock, and its antlers became entangled in the ropes, trapping it in place. This is a potentially fatal problem for the buck, who would be unable to forage orĀ flee from predators.

Luckily, some friendly cottagers were nearby to help out, and managed to cut the poor animal free. What’s fascinating about the interaction is that it almost seems like the deer understands that they are trying to help, staying quite still through the whole ordeal.

This rescue was notably dangerous. With nothing holding the deer in place except at the head, one of the do-gooders could have easily caught a couple of hooves for their trouble.

Whenever possible, it’s a good idea to call wildlife rescue services. For those in Ontario, learn more here.