Clever moose takes her calves for a quick frolic in the sprinkler

You wouldn’t associate soaring hot temperatures with a state as notoriously cold as Alaska, but in Eagle River the heat reached record highs last week.

This isn’t a major problem for us humans, but for wild animals, the oppressive heat is inescapable. Without a water source, a hot day can be a major threat to a large mammal like the moose. Keeping this in mind, some friendly homeowners in Eagle River are doing their best to offer some relief from the heat.

Candice Helm noticed a moose and her two calves wandering through the Eagle River community looking rather fatigued from the heat. Helm explained to the local news station KTUU-TV that “they just strolled around the house and looked really hot, so we turned on the sprinklers and they were happy.”

Like any good mother, the moose stood guard while her offspring frolicked in the water, and Helm knew very well to keep a respectful distance from the protective animal.

Thanks to Candice for filming and sharing her unique moose experience with the rest of us, and we hope to see more animal pool parties as the summer continues!