Clever man uses buckets of snow to pull the perfect Canadian prank

For some people, skating, snowshoeing, skiing, and hunkering down indoors with a good book or movie just isn’t enough to stave off boredom during Canada’s long, cold winters. Instead, they need to do something a little more inventive or exciting—you know, like pulling a prank on their friend. At least that’s what one East Coaster decided to do.

With just a couple of buckets and a shovel, he managed to box in his friend’s car with giant blocks of snow. One of the buckets had a lid, so he used that to compress the snow with his body weight and form the blocks, which he then lined the car with before layering them on top of one another.

While his friend likely though he was going down south at the perfect time—right before a massive snowstorm hit Atlantic Canada—it turned out to be the worst. Nobody wants to come home from a relaxing trip to find out they can’t drive their car. Let’s just hope that snow wasn’t too quick to freeze!

Here are some images documenting the process:










(Images via Imgur.com)