Clever duckling uses its brains to rejoin its mother

There are few sights more heartbreaking than watching a baby animal become separated from its mother. But it’s a fact of life in the wild, because unfortunately, there’s always a runt of the litter who struggles to keep up with the group.

Which is exactly what happens in this video when a duckling is unable to jump up to join its mother at the edge of a man-made pond and becomes stranded in the water below. The mother, intent on training her young the necessary skills to survive, waits patiently for the duckling to solve the problem itself.

It is fascinating to watch this tiny creature explore the environment, trying different routes until it eventually discovers an easier path. Finally, after its roundabout journey, it rejoins its waiting mother.

While the people filming this high drama could easily have intervened, they understand that it’s for ducklings to pass these small rites of passage in preparation for a life on their own.

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