Chipmunk struggles to push her baby through a hole in a bumper

It’s hard not to smile when you see a chipmunk. There’s something about their tiny size, twitching tails, and big eyes that screams “I’m adorable!”

For the most part, these little creatures make their homes underground, excavating a network of burrows to safely move around and raise their babies.

But chipmunks are also known to take advantage of man-made den opportunities, which is why they can sometimes be a nuisance to cottagers. In this video, a mama chipmunk has perhaps made an unwise decision to store her baby in the bumper of a motor home.

It’s comical to see the mother struggling to shove her baby through the tiny hole. First she tries to push the baby in, then goes inside herself and tries to pull it through, all to no avail. Unfortunately, the video ends before we witness a satisfactory resolution, but the uploader noted in the comments that “She finally did get both baby’s into their new home, but it was a lot later that night.”

You can avoid unwelcome residents in your cottage by periodically checking for holes and gaps in your building’s exterior. These can often be covered by metal mesh or stuffed with steel wool.

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