Chill-proof paddleboarder navigates Lake Michigan in the dead of winter

Paddleboarders don’t exactly shy away from adventure, as a previous video we posted to Cottage Life of a boarder carousing with killer whales shows. But apparently some of them are downright suicidal, braving the frigid temperatures of a partially frozen Great Lake in search of a good time.

To be fair, former U.S. Coast Guard rescue swimmer Karol Garrison has a lot of water experience, and was probably wearing a dry-suit, which would help fend off the cold. And the nature of paddleboards means that he would have spent very little time actually submerged in the freezing water. But still, Lake Michigan in the middle of the winter? Does your mother know about this?

Garrison didn’t stay in the water long, but a filmmaker friend Seth Haley was able to capture some stunning video of his adventures at Silver Beach in Saint Joseph, Michigan.

It’s certainly not something you see every day. Garrison glides past a completely ice-encrusted lighthouse, and navigates past chunks of ice on his board. While not a feat we’d like to try ourselves, we certainly enjoy living vicariously through Garrison’s adventure, and hope that he had a warm blanket and cup of tea waiting for him when he returned to dry land.