Check out the newest winter craze: snow swimming

As the long winter months drag on—complete with last-minute March snowstorms—it’s normal to lose yourself in fantasies about balmy afternoons by the lake. But these two brave souls from Duluth, Minnesota, are tired of waiting.

Perhaps inspired by the waist-high snow drifts in their front yard, the two intrepid athletes decide to thumb their nose at old man winter and take a swim.

While diving into snowdrifts is certainly a great way to get your blood flowing, be careful if you try this at home. If the snow had hardened or developed a crust of ice, they would have suffered some nasty scrapes and cuts.

If you’d like to test your own cold tolerance, many cities have polar bear clubs that periodically take a quick swim in frigid waters throughout the winter.

Just make sure there’s some hot cocoa waiting for you.