Chaos at the regatta as inexperienced rowers block racing lane

Rowing is a precision sport that requires stoic endurance and total teamwork to reach the finish line. Each member of a rowing team must paddle in perfect unison with their partners to ensure a smooth and safe race, and the slightest mistake can throw the whole boat off course.

But Olympic athletes have to start somewhere, and while the future master rowers of the world learn the ropes, mistakes will be made. With their backs to what’s ahead, it’s very easy to collide with other boats, causing hundreds or even thousands of dollars in damage.

So naturally, when things go awry, it’s normal for rowers to drop their oars and wait for further instruction. Even, apparently, in the middle of the race course.

While frantic onlookers shout for them to clear the way, these inexperienced rowers cool their jets, completely blocking the racecourse and disrupting the race for other boats.

If there’s blame to be placed, it’s for the coaches at the stern of the boat for not giving clear instructions to get out of the way. But then again, who knows what’s going on in that boat, it’s difficult to hear over the cat-calling from the angry people onshore.

Hopefully these girls will have a better race next time, or at least figure out a better evacuation plan.