Canadian goose leads black bear on wild goose chase across the lake

Folks, it’s a very special day. Not only do we get to check out a great up-close video of a black bear swimming, but also an honest-to-goodness wild goose chase.

As Erik Hensel’s boat came around a bend in a river, they came across a black bear trying to catch a Canadian goose that is only a few steps ahead.

What the poor bear doesn’t realize is that:

a) The goose can take flight at any time to escape (and eventually does).

b) The whole thing is a ruse to lead the hungry bear away from her goslings.

This is a great example of a strategy many animal parents use to protect their young. For animals not strong enough to stand their ground against a predator, they will often feint attacks until they’ve engaged the would-be attacker, luring them away.

Perhaps one of the most skilled birds at this technique is the killdeer, which will actually feign a broken wing to further entice the animal to chase it instead of its young.