Canada lynx sits casually outside of Terrace Bay post office

When you’re exchanging wildlife stories around the campfire, some Canadian critters carry more cachet than others. An up-close deer sighting might be common in cottage country, while spotting a moose—or, even better, a cow and her calf—is cause for celebration.

But few animals are as elusive and awe-inspiring as the Canada lynx. These grey ghosts of the North are notorious for evading human contact, which makes this sighting in Terrace Bay, Ont., all the more spectacular.

Beth-Ann Colebourne spotted the majestic cat sitting on a snowbank outside of the Terrace Bay post office, and she recorded a video of the encounter. Admitting on Facebook that she was “a little spun” from the event, she called after it like it was a kitten, cooing “What’s up, buddy? C’mere!” Not surprisingly, the lynx didn’t respond to her, and it eventually skulked away on the snow’s surface, it’s massive, padded feet acting like snowshoes.

However brief the encounter, it’s still an incredible chance to see one of Canada’s most formidable wild cats up close.