Campers stack hammock high-rise six levels high

For serious hikers, nothing beats a hammock tent.

It may sound like a foolish shelter on the surface, but hammock tents are quite utilitarian. Keeping off the ground means no more drying the tent bottom before packing up in the morning. These suspended tents are also less reliant on traditional campsites, where a substantial section of the forest floor must be clear for the tent floor. Meanwhile, tent hammocks are perfect for off-site camping. All you need are two trees spaced a couple of metres apart, and you’re off to dreamland.

But aside from these practical considerations, hammocks are extremely comfortable, encouraging the spine’s natural curve while gently rocking you to sleep.

One drawback to camping with hammock tents is sleeping close together. It can be hard to find multiple ideal trees in a small area. So while hiking in Cherokee National Forest, Tennessee, these clever campers decided to make like a city high rise and expand upward.

With no shortage of teamwork and patience, they manage to stack six hammocks on the same tree. Let’s just hope the person with the biggest bladder is at the top, because they’re not getting down to answer the call of Mother Nature anytime soon!

If you’re intrigued by hammock-tent technology, these are called “Eno hammocks,” and you can order one¬†online for your next expedition.