Brave kayaker rescues a drowning moose calf

Troy Foster and his kayaking group were spending a Sunday out on the water when they came across a distressing sight: a calf in the middle of drowning.

While his wife took photos, Foster attempted to rescue the young moose, who was trapped in the water and rapidly losing strength.


Conventional wisdom says to stay clear of moose calves, as their powerful mothers are often nearby, and can prove deadly to well-meaning humans.

Ashley Foster recounted that “All of a sudden, we heard the trees rustle and she was there on the same side of the river as my husband.”

As if sensing that Foster was her offspring’s only hope, the moose stood and watched the rescue unfold.


Using a rope, Troy managed to pull the calf free and deposit it safely on terra firma.



While a happy ending is always welcome, this story could have had a deadly ending if the mother hadn’t been so agreeable.

Images courtesy of Ashley Foster/KTUU.