Box of baby foxes found next to clothing donation bin

Earlier this week, a woman discovered a cardboard box full of newborn red foxes next to a clothing donation bin in a Pennsylvania parking lot. How they got there remains unknown, but she quickly delivered them to the Pocono Wildlife Rehabilitation and Educational Center for treatment.

There were seven 10-day-old kits in total, five male and two female. And thankfully, they were in good health aside from being dehydrated. Center staff fed them some fox milk and took the opportunity to vaccinate the babies against rabies.

While the foxes have not yet turned red, staff members were able to identify the species thanks to their distinctive white tail. It’s estimated that the foxes will be safe to release back into the wild come July, and will cost at least $1,000 to raise until then.

Learn more about the Pocono Wildlife Rehabilitation Center and find out how you can help at poconowildlife.com.