Black bear takes a quick soak in Vancouver couple’s hot tub

It’s a common hazard for pool owners: during those hot summer months you almost expect the odd pool hopper to sneak into your backyard for a dip—especially when you spend your weekends away at the cottage. But instead of trespassing teens looking to beat the heat, Denise Diering looked out her back window and saw a black bear helping itself to her pool and hot tub.

Respectful of the potential danger, Diering called for her husband to close the door, then they settled in to capture video of the brazen visitor.

The bear cools its jets in the main pool for a spell, then ambles over to the hot tub. Its posture looks comically human as it reclines on its elbow.

While they enjoyed the visit, the Dierings hope that the bear, which seems to be tagged by a wildlife service, isn’t getting too comfortable around people. Tony explained that, “in the neighbourhood there are a lot of small kids, and obviously it’s a safety concern for our neighbours. I just hope the bear can get the message and basically go somewhere else.”

This is not the Dierings’ first visitor. Last month a peckish black bear cleaned out their bird feeder, and it didn’t even leave a thank-you note.