Bison charges driver in Yellowstone National Park

It seems a wild gang has taken over the roads at Yellowstone National Park. They wander around staring down anyone foolish enough to get in their way. And sometimes, for seemingly no reason at all, they pick a fight.

Perhaps it’s more accurate to call this particular gang a “herd,” as it’s composed of bison, just one of the amazing animals you can find in the famous park. In Tom Carter’s case, he was just driving from point A to point B when traffic was stopped by some bison trotting along the asphalt.

Tom was happy to stop and record a video that he would later upload to his YouTube channel, which shows the lead bison trotting directly toward his Nissan Xterra. To Tom’s surprise, it makes no effort to stop, eventually head-butting the vehicle hard enough to jar the camera.

While it’s hard to imagine a buffalo besting any kind of car in a serious battle, the buffalo certainly did some damage, denting the hood and racking up a hefty repair bill for an otherwise pleasant day out in nature.

buffalo damage