Beat the ocean chill in style with the mobile Surf Sauna

Wouldn’t it be amazing to emerge from the sea after a hard day of surfing and jump in your very own portable sauna? OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA What was once a whimsical fantasy has become a reality thanks to the Surf Sauna, a fully-functioning sauna that you can bring along on your surfing expedition.


According to their official website:

Each Surf Sauna is built to your specifications. A wide host of options allows you to make surf sauna the adventure mobile you want, and we can size them to accommodate two to eight people. The Surf Sauna is built for winter surfers, and while a mobile sauna has obvious applications for all sorts of winter activities, this one has function and aesthetics that are at home on a snowy beach. Western Red Cedar is naturally rot resistant and antimicrobial.”


The Surf Sauna also offers an optional off-road kit complete with extra-wide tires, mounted shovel, and hi-lift jack.


The product was dreamed up as a solution to surfers emerging from the frigid New England waters looking for a place to warm up.


For those that thing the Surf Sauna might be a little much, then you probably haven’t seen our post on how to build a sauna while camping.