Bear cubs cause a ruckus at the local golf course

Bear cubs are known for their rambunctious, playful behaviour, as well as their curious nature. As a result, watching them at play in the wild is always a heart-warming sight. So what happens when these cubs are taken out of the forest and unleashed on a pristine golf course? Chaos. In the best possible way.

The cub doesn’t do any permanent damage to the green, but it has a great time exploring the springy flagpole marking the tin cup. Watching the video, It’s amazing to realize just how flexible black bears are, especially at this young age. The cub seems totally at home shuffling around on its hind legs, and rubbing its back up against the pole.

Despite the undeniable cuteness of the scene, It was wise for the person behind the camera to keep their distance. Whenever you discover bear cubs, there’s a very good chance that their mother is nearby. And while black bears are not known for their aggression, it is a very bad idea to get between any mother and her babies.

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