Bear cub tries to join a gym in North Bay

bear cub gym north bay Dirty Girls Farm/Facebook

A women’s only gym had an unexpected applicant last Thursday.

Joanna Boldt, owner of Dirty Girls Farm, was working at her store when a man came in saying there was a bear in the building.

“I just thought it was a joke, because the guys at work pull the odd prank,” she told the Nugget.

But when she saw the stranger looked concerned, she realized it was no joke.

“Before we knew it, the cub had run into the Woman’s Only Health and Fitness Gym. The cub was fairly small so she certainly could have been mistaken for a big black dog.”

The gym’s owner, who was with a client, quickly left the studio, locked the doors, and waited for the Ministry of Natural Resources and Forestry to arrive.

“The MNR tranquilized the cub and took her away. She was transported to a shelter near Huntsville where the cub will remain until she’s released in the spring.”

Authorities are unclear if the bear was attracted to the soaps from Dirty Girls Farm, the food at the Artisan Food Company, or just looking to bulk up before the winter season.

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