Bear beats the heat by splashing around in a pond

It gets plenty hot for us humans in the summertime, but imagine if you were permanently sporting a fur coat! Bears need to beat the heat too, and what better way than to take a refreshing dip?

That’s exactly what this black bear decided to do in Olympics National Park. While hiking atop Anderson Pass, the uploader and a couple of other hikers spied the playful bear taking advantage of a pond. It apparently had no objection to the impromptu audience and continued to frolic in the water. This is curious behaviour for black bears who are known to be wary of human interaction, and will often take off if they come across a hiker.

According to the video description, the bear followed its bath with a lazy meander up the hillside, where it grazed on blueberries for the next half hour. Winnie the Pooh’s got nothing on this bear.

Olympic National Park is an excellent park found in Washington, U.S.A. For more information about the park and how to visit, check out their official website.