Basil the bulldog is not a fan of his new lifejacket

Sure, we all have moments of grumpiness when getting belted into our lifejackets. But next time you get cranky about strapping into your safety gear, watch this video to remind yourself that you probably look a little ridiculous.

The video opens with Basil the bulldog looking thoroughly defeated by his bright purple lifejacket, and when his owner calls, he enters full-on tantrum mode. Watching him stamp his little feet and then fall over in utter despair is hilarious because—admit it—we’ve all felt the same way. Even wedging his feet into the jacket’s underside cannot dislodge it from his rotund little body. We know, Basil, extra layers in the summertime are not fun, but safety comes first!

Bulldogs aren’t the best swimmers, so life vests or other precautions are necessary for owners who want to bring animals like these out on the water with them. Unfortunately, we can’t explain to our pets why we’re putting them through this intolerable suffering. Instead they, like Basil, see us as cruel and inscrutable overlords—that is, until they’re safely enjoying the lake’s spray, looking at us with hearts full of joy. Dogs are fickle creatures, and that’s why we love them.