Baby fox home safe after rescue from sporting equipment

When installing sports equipment in your backyard, it’s hard to anticipate that your love of the game might end up endangering the survival of a baby fox. Unfortunately for the cute kit in this video, an innocent exploration of some netting near its den resulted in a near-fatal experience.

The young animal is unable to free itself, struggling to escape while its mother is powerless to help.

Enter UK’s Wildlife Aid, which sent a worker to take care of the situation. It’s clear in the video that the animal was quite distressed during the rescue operation, frantically nipping at the ropes in hopes of freeing itself. But the worker, trained in working with wildlife was able to efficiently solve the problem.

With minimal fuss the fox is cut loose, and able to rejoin its mother, hopefully a little more wary of human contact. Backyards can pose a hazard for wild animals, but normally these dangers come in the form of fences or pools.

In the aftermath of this event, perhaps the owner of the property is able to figure out a way to have their sports equipment and co-exist peacefully with local wildlife as well.