Baby deer takes a tour of Halifax family’s home

It’s always a treat to spot a deer fawn, but a Halifax family has discovered that they don’t make great house guests.

After startling the resting baby deer, 11-year-old Cameron captured it entering the family house. The video shows the deer struggling to stay upright on the slippery floor.

“He was like Bambi on ice,” said Cameron.

His father, Colin Harrington, was in the middle of a conference call when he heard shouting. “It sounded pretty loud,” recounted Harrington. “I didn’t expect to see a little bitty cute deer.”

Harrington gathered the deer in his arms and removed it from the house after pausing to let his son photograph and pet the deer. Once outside, the fawn wasted no time escaping the area, and much to the relief of the Harrington family and concerned neighbours, the fawn was soon reunited with its mother.