Baby deer mistakes a logger for its mother

In this touching video, a logger discovers two deer fawns sitting quietly by the side of the road. Charmed, he investigates, speaking quietly to the animals as he approaches.

The young deer, which are not yet strong enough to join their mother’s forage expeditions, instinctively stay very still, relying on stealth and camouflage to evade predators.

Unfortunately, this technique doesn’t work very well on roads, especially roads with giant logging trucks rumbling by.

While it’s generally not a good idea to interfere with wild animals, the logger’s heart melts when one of the fawn begins nuzzling his leg, presumably mistaking him for a grown deer. He dutifully leads his new companion back into the woods.

It’s generally a good idea to leave wild animals (especially babies) alone, as human interaction can register as aggression to their parents, and in some cases can lead to either attacks or abandonment. But it’s hard to imagine acting differently than this logger, especially since humans created the road in the first place.