Baby deer holds its own against a playful bulldog

At first glance, this video looks like a disaster waiting to happen. A fully grown English bulldog and a newborn deer square off against each other, dodging and lunging. One day the deer will dwarf the dog, but without its mother around to interfere, these aren’t great odds for the fawn.

Thankfully, as the video continues, it becomes clear that the bulldog considers the small deer a playmate rather than prey. While its owners play referee, the two playfight in the grass, and surprisingly, the tiny deer holds its own. Aside from a couple of light nips, the bulldog seems more interested in light wrestling than an actual brawl.

Of course, this story could have gone gone much differently. But with the dog’s owners close by, what could have been a tragedy becomes a heart-warming tale of friendship. According to the posters of the video, this kind of wildlife action is fairly common in the Northwoods of Wisconsin, where they run a cab company.

So a warning for those visiting the cheese state: don’t pick a fight with a baby deer!