Arctic wolf pup declares war on a flip flop

Give it a few years and this wolf pup will be a force to be reckoned with. Its jaws will be able to rend flesh and crack bones. But for now, its attempts to tear apart a simple rubber flip flop are in vain. This isn’t just any wolf, by the way, but an arctic wolf.

Arctic wolves are considered to be a subspecies of the grey wolf, and are also known as Melville Island wolves. You might be expecting a wolf from such a harsh climate to be enormous in size, but arctic wolves are actually smaller than regular wolves. This is probably because having a smaller body mass to keep warm and more fur is always a good idea in cold, hostile environments.

Arctic wolves are also known to be very tolerant of humans. While there have been the odd attack reported, they generally are comfortable interacting with people. This is because they have never really been hunted the way their southern relatives have across North America.

Unfortunately, the poster of the video doesn’t clarify what has happened to this pup’s mother, but even if the tiny wolf is an orphan, from the kindness shown by the people in the video, it’s in good hands.