Angry ram knocks a drone out of the sky, then takes on its owner

It didn’t take long for quadrocopters (flying devices with four propellers) to progress from the stuff of science fiction to household toy. The beauty of a quadrocopter is its stability. In the hands of a skilled operator, the machines can hover, and fly through tight spaces, all without sacrificing speed.

Unfortunately, as creative pilots explore the possibilities of a go-anywhere camera, they sometimes annoy the local wildlife. Case in point is this New Zealand ram, known on his facebook page as “Angry Ram,” who is just trying to chew some leaves in peace when the copter shows up.

After trying to ignore the buzzing drone for a spell, the ram finally loses its cool and head butts it out of the sky. According to the uploader, the drone was unharmed, but he added, “When I went to retrieve it he followed me, I had my hands full so he got me pretty good.”

Drones are now banned in U.S. national parks because of the stress they cause to wildlife. However, don’t go too hard on this drone pilot, as he points out that he rescued the ram from being killed by its owner for overly aggressive behaviour. This doesn’t necessarily excuse his harrassment of the animal, but at least we know he’s got a soft spot for Angry Ram.