This ingenious mooring tool could change the way you dock your boat

Watch closely at the mooring tool in this video, because you’re about to see a magic trick. The clever device, designed by a company called Roboship, takes the clumsiness out of wrapping a line around a mooring post or buoy. As you watch the demo, you’ll rub your eyes as they struggle to comprehend the mechanics at work. Luckily, there are slow motion versions of the technique, but it’s still hard to figure out how the tool works.

Of course, like so many inventions, there isn’t a great need for it. In the time it would take to grab the mooring tool, you could just as easily jump on the dock and secure the rope yourself.

But then you wouldn’t have the joy of watching this clever gadget in action. To be fair, for larger ship owners such as yachts, the tool would definitely ease the process of securing lines from their elevated decks.

Of course, you can just impress your boating friends with some mesmerizing rope moves. You can get one of your own by visiting Robship.com. But at a cost of 149,90 €, don’t expect to get away without a dent in your wallet.