Alberta “goose whisperer” helps a lost goose find its way

An Alberta man recently found himself leading a literal wild goose chase when a Canada Goose decided to follow his truck along a country road.

Earlier this August, Alberta forester Andre Bachman noticed that a goose he’d seen flying in the opposite direction had turned to follow his truck. When he stopped the vehicle, the goose stopped with him, showing no fear even when Bachman got out of his truck to approach the bird.

Bachman filmed the encounter, including the moments after he got back into his truck, when the goose ran and then flew alongside the moving vehicle. The resulting video of the bird flapping and honking right next to the driver’s-side window gives us a surreal glimpse into the world of flocking birds, and the goose’s devotion to remaining with the car is touching. According to the CBC, Bachman got up to 80 km/h, and the goose stayed with him. He eventually decided to lead it to Shining Bank Lake 10 kilometres away, and the video concludes with the happy goose having a paddle around the lake (though he does come to shore to check on his human friend).