Alberta deer adorns antlers with Christmas lights

deer with lights in antlers Nicole Myer/Global News

Is Santa recruiting this winter? If so, we found a brilliant candidate.

On the weekend, Okotoks resident Nicole Myer was treated to a dazzling display on her drive home. Crossing the road right in front of her was a deer with antlers strung up in Christmas lights.

“Okotoks […] just did their Christmas celebration — they shut down Main Street and lit up the big Christmas tree, all of the shops were open, everyone just walks around downtown,” she told Global News. “And then the poor deer got tangled up in decorations.”

deer with lights in antlers
Nicole Myer/Global News

“Okotoks just had ‘Light Up the Night’ but we had ‘Light Up the Deer.’”

Myer sees lots of deer in the area, especially during the rut when bucks are actively seeking out does. But never one with such Christmas spirit.

“It was cool — I had the three kids in the truck and they all got to see it.”

Officials are aware of this bright buck and have advised people to keep their distance. Removing the lights, through restraint or tranquilization, could potentially cause stress and physical injury to the animal. Just like Hammy, the deer with a hammock stuck in his antlers, the best option is to let nature take its course.

“Deer typically shed their antlers in the winter and once this deer drops its antlers, the lights are likely to go with it,” Brendan Cox told Global News. “Officers have noted that the deer is able to move freely and continues to forage and find food despite the lights.”

Rudolph, you’ve got some competition.

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