Alabama men go fishing and catch two adorable kittens

Imagine you’re out on a remote river fishing with your buddies—the water is calm, you’re surrounded by forest land, and there isn’t a soul around. What’s one thing you wouldn’t expect to find? How about a kitten?

“So we’re out here on the Warrior River, and y’all are not going to believe what is swimming towards our boat.” These words come from Jason Frost at the opening of the video that captures a very unlikely scenario. Frost and his friend Brandon Key were fishing on Alabama’s Black Warrior River on Saturday when they saw something enter the water from the other shore and begin swimming toward them. The video shows the small animal moving through the serene water toward the men’s boat, and when it’s near enough, Frost lifts it from the water to reveal a tiny marmalade kitten.

“This ain’t real,” Key says.

The kitten adjusts quickly to its new environment, meowing and allowing Frost to pet it as it shakes the water from its fur. But the weirdness doesn’t end there— moments later, a second kitten is heard meowing in the water and seen swimming toward the boat. Frost pulls a second marmalade kitten aboard, as Key exclaims, “They’re twins!”

Frost told local news outlet AL.com that he guessed someone must have dumped the kittens in the wild. The kittens, seeing the fishermen as a chance at salvation, decided to jump into the river and swim toward their rescuers. They have since been adopted.

Frost told AL.com that everybody has an outrageous fishing story, and now he does too—along with the video to prove that it’s not just a tall tale. As he wrote in the video description on Facebook, “The Warrior River never fails to surprise me.”