Airborne accident demonstrates the dangers of careless jet skiing

For some reason, jet skis are widely considered less deadly than traditional propeller-engine boats. This is probably because the whirring blades of an outboard engine are quite capable of cutting through skin like butter. Meanwhile, the jet ski’s moving parts are internal, meaning the worst you can get is a blast of water in the face.

However, as this shocking video shows, jet skis are not only extremely fast, but also have very responsive steering, which can be a deadly combination. For the inexperienced drivers in this video, a slight miscalculation results in a collision with another jet ski, which launches them high into the air, causing injury when they land.

It’s fortunate that the woman on the second jet ski saw them coming, as the speed was certainly fast enough to hurt her as well.

In Ontario (and most places in North America) it’s now mandatory to acquire a boat license when operating a powered water vehicle, which involves a nominal fee and an online course. It’s possible that these would-be daredevils may have saved themselves some pain if they had reviewed proper safety protocols.

For jet ski safety tips and other useful articles on how to responsibly enjoy watercraft, check out Safetyresource.org.