After being rescued, this baby fox found his best friend—a stuffed bunny

Puggle the fox is just a couple months old, but he’s already found his soulmate. It’s a plush rabbit that was given to him at the National Fox Welfare Society, where he was taken in after being found alone in a London garden.

The bunny isn’t just a cuddle buddy for Puggle, it’s also a playmate and pack-mate. According to Martin Hemmington, director of the NFWS, groups of foxes who come in together have one another for company, whereas orphaned foxes who are brought in alone need companionship and are therefore given stuffed toys (they also get a hot water bottle and a clock to simulate the heartbeat of their mother).

According to Hemmington, Puggle loves his stuffed companion “more than usual.” As he puts it: “One minute he’ll cuddle up to it, then he’ll go to the toilet on it, and the next minute he’s throwing it around and playing with it. Our washing machine has been in overdrive.”

We wish we had a friend as true as this bunny. For more photos of Puggle and his BFF, check out the National Fox Welfare’s Society Facebook page.