Adorable toddler takes her first ice tumble

Is there anything cuter than a toddler in a puffy pink snowsuit? Perhaps a toddler in a snowsuit discovering ice for the first time. Like most kids her age, this intrepid explorer is a little unsure on her feet. This doesn’t stop her from partaking in a little ice-cracking action. After a precarious stumble where she almost falls, it seems like she will emerge victorious from the vigorous stomp session.

However, in leaning forward to investigate the ice up close, the toddler loses balance and falls onto her (thankfully) well-padded head.

Every parent must find a balance between allowing their kids to discover the world and keeping them safe. Sometimes these choices can draw criticism, like in the case of this clip of a child frolicking with a deer. The controversial video divided opinion as to whether exposing a child to a wild animal was irresponsible, or just a well-intentioned attempt to build a relationship with nature.

In this case, it’s hard to imagine anyone objecting to a harmless fall caught on film. Except maybe for the little girl when she grows up.

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