A snow maze is no match for this clever dog

Forget snowmen—this ambitious family decided to put their rather large, treeless backyard to good use as an epic snow maze. After excavating a labyrinth of knee-high tunnels for their dog Ginzey, they then challenge and film their pet as he attempts to track down his master in the shortest time possible.

The game is simple: while Ginzey waits anxiously inside, somebody hides in the maze, lying down so that they can’t be seen from inside its walls. Then Ginzey is released to track down the concealed human in the shortest time possible.

For the most part, Ginzey navigates the maze at speed, rapidly sprinting down the different branches during the search. However, when he gets excited, all bets are off, and it’s cheating time. Ginzey is not shy about peeking over the top of the maze, and even jumps the walls a few times, taking a dastardly but direct route to his owner.

Winter is a great time to play with your pets, just remember that some short-haired dogs are more vulnerable to the cold, and their paws can get frostbitten just like our hands. Always make sure to give your dog an opportunity to warm up after a long period outside.