A Russian miner took some of the most incredible fox photos you’ll ever see

Weather-wise, Canada and Russia have a lot in common. We’re both known for snowy landscapes and vast expanses of untouched land, and both territories stretch deep into the Arctic Circle.

But whereas Canada’s north is imbued with a sense of mysticism and wonder, from the wild horses that roam the Yukon wilderness to the Aurora Borealis that gives our rugged land an otherworldly glow, Russia’s north is synonymous with gruelling work camps and barren, bitter winters.

That holds especially true for Russia’s remote north-eastern Chukotka region, where photographer Ivan Kislov works as a mining engineer. To pass the time and relax during the downtime between his long shifts, Kislov turns to his passion: photographing Russia’s wildlife in their natural habitats. And while he’s captured photographs of reindeer, wolves, stoats, and bears, his favourite subjects are Russian foxes, both red and Arctic, as their natural curiosity often brings them within close range of his camera.

These astonishing fox photographs, taken by Kislov during his downtime, show that even a desolate corner of Russian tundra is teeming with life and incredible beauty.

See more of Ivan’s wonderful work on his Facebook page, or visit his website.