A couple of moose pay a visit to their human neighbours in Northern Idaho

You know you’re making the right life choices when you wake up to the sight of moose hanging out in your backyard. Many people count themselves lucky to spot one of these magnificent creatures on the side of the highway, but this lucky resident got his own personal viewing party of a couple of adult moose, who seem in no hurry to leave.

The video, uploaded by YouTube user Sean George was taken in North Idaho, where the wildlife are apparently not shy about meeting their neighbours. Exactly why the moose chose this spot to rest is not exactly clear, but they certainly picked a rest stop with a nice view.

While the moose in this video seem quite mellow, note that the standing moose stays wary of the person filming. In the wild it would be ill-advised to get this close to a moose or make direct eye contact. The powerful animals can interpret such boldness as a sign of aggression and attack, like in this video.

But at the end of the day it’s quite a treat to see these huge mammals up close and personal, if only for a little while.