7 surprisingly cozy hotels built from pure ice

Perhaps you’re wondering why anyone would choose to spend their holiday in a fortress built of pure ice. Because they look like amazing outer-space crystal palaces, that’s why! But on top of that, because these frozen fortresses can also be surprisingly homey and comfortable accommodations. The following hotels have walls of ice and snow, yet they also feature working fireplaces, warm ambient lighting, and giant cozy beds.

The philosophy behind these hotels is that instead of constantly seeking to escape the cold, we should appreciate the amazing landscapes and natural wonders that it makes possible. Plus, who didn’t secretly dream of sleeping in their childhood snow fort? Ice hotels make that possible, and also offer a number of modern conveniences (bars, cafes, and chapels) that may not have been included your backyard snow bunker.

These hotels are truly breathtaking structures, and many of them are constantly evolving as snow-sculptors carve new spaces and decorations throughout the winter. Their beauty will make you want to spend your vacation hours bundled up in your jacket, surrounded by snow, sipping a drink out of a goblet of pure ice.