7 amazing facts about rabbits

Rabbits tend not to factor too heavily into most people’s lives (unless your name is Farmer McGregor), but there is one time of year when we turn our thoughts toward these cute and fuzzy, but fast and wily, creatures: Easter. This yearly celebration of spring probably got its name from from a pagan goddess of spring named Eostre, whose earthly symbol is a rabbit. Rabbits are also a symbol for spring, the season of birth, because of their legendary fertility, which we will be addressing in a moment.

However, Easter legends don’t exactly tell give us the real facts about these widespread but oft-ignored creatures (sorry to disappoint, but bunnies don’t really lay chocolate eggs). Rabbits, and their close relatives, hares, are actually capable of some pretty amazing things. They live everywhere from the Arctic to Japan, and they thrive in all sorts of conditions. We all know they’re adaptable, speedy, and smart, but they also have a few more tricks up their sleeves. Here, then, are some of the most amazing things you may not have known about rabbits and hares.