18 adorable photos of cats who can’t handle snow

Not all cats hate winter. And not all cower at the first sign of snow. In fact, some can handle it better than humans. We saw that last winter, when the East Coast was receiving record-breaking snowfalls, causing many regions in Atlantic Canada to declare a state of emergency. During this time, we found videos of cats smashing through snowdrifts when they blocked the front door, and even digging themselves out  for a little fresh air after being snowed in.

But these brave tales are hardly the norm. Many of our feline friends aren’t big fans of water, so it’s only natural that they wouldn’t be fond of the frozen form either. And though we hate to see them suffer, there’s something adorable about the disgruntled little faces in this gallery. Maybe it’s because we’ve all been there before, or maybe, it’s because deep down we know—it’s just a little snow.