15 snow-covered cabins that will make you want to retreat to the woods

There’s something special about a cabin that has just been blanketed in snow. It has a certain serenity that can’t be found anywhere else.

Winter cottagers are hardy types. They appreciate silence, solitude, and the gentle crunching of snow underfoot. While summer is cabin season for most people, all the hot weather and activity can come with some clutter—the sand between your toes, the sounds of excitement, and the perpetual planning of the next hike or swim or barbecue. It’s fun, but it’s not always serene.

By contrast, a winter cabin is the essence of peace. In these pictures, you can just imagine the silence and absolute stillness of the surroundings. If you need a meditative moment today, just picture being tucked away in one of these cabins with a fire blazing as the snow falls outside.

So grab your hot chocolate and settle in. No matter where you are, these photos will make you wish you were in a cabin surrounded by snow.