13 animals who are super excited about spring

It’s seasonal, it’s infectious, and it’s here. No, it’s not allergy season (well, it is, but let’s not think about that right now)—it’s the season of spring fever! And it turns out this seasonal euphoria isn’t limited to humans. A lot of animals get a little perkier when the snow melts.

For many of our furry friends, spring is the time for waking up from hibernation, shedding winter coats, and starting a family. It’s also the time for frolicking in the new grass, smelling flowers, and sun-tanning. Animals may not express their joy the same way humans do (they don’t flock to the cottage, for one thing), but as these photos show, you can just tell that spring is their favourite season.

Here are some of Canada’s cutest creatures celebrating the end of winter.