12 more adorable baby beavers that will make your week

After a fuzzy baby beaver made a surprise appearance on a Calgary golf course, it prompted questions. Naturally, the event prompted questions. How did the beaver kit get onto the golf course? Where is its mother? And perhaps the most pressing question of all: Are all baby beavers really this cute?

Shockingly, the answer seems to be yes. While we often think of the industrious beaver as a noble emblem for our country and a hard-working example for us all, we seem to have overlooked the fact that beavers are also just plain adorable. They may grow up into powerful, focused workers, but with their little webbed feet, puffy fur coats, and tiny, flat tails, they start life as some of the cutest baby animals in the Canadian wild.

Beaver kits are just as aww-worthy as puppies and kittens, and to prove it, we’ve put together a gallery of some of our favourites. We recommend grabbing a cushion because these baby beavers enjoying life, exploring the world, and being ultimate fuzzballs will make you want to squeeze something.