Raking leaves with plywood

This genius just reinvented the chore of raking leaves

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As much as we love the turning of the leaves, a lot of people aren’t so pleased when they collect on our lawns and gardens. Which is why many contraptions have promised to one-up the humble rake.

If you don’t mind the noise, leaf blowers are handy—especially if your property backs onto a wooded area. And products like the Cyclone Rake promise to turn your riding mower into an industrial-grade leaf vacuum.

But for most of us, nothing beats the trusty rake. There’s just something satisfying about patiently corralling piles of sweet-smelling leaves on a crisp autumn day. It’s peaceful, it’s contemplative, and it engages the core like few other chores.

That said, this video of Brian Shreves “shaving” the leaves off his lawn shows that a thin sheet of plywood might give the rake a run for its money. If you’ve got a level lawn, give it a try and let us know how it goes!

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