Wind and waves create house of ice on shores of Lake Ontario

Your home will feel a whole lot cozier once you catch a glimpse of the ice-encrusted house perched on the shores of Lake Ontario.

The unbelievable images of the home were captured by photographer John Kucko, who described the scene as “apocalyptic” when he posted the photos to Facebook last week.

Just as quickly as the photos went viral, people began questioning their validity—did he use Photoshop, or was the house covered in something else entirely?

Bit overwhelmed by the reaction the "Ice House" is getting. Many people think the images are photoshopped, they're not. The video underscores that. ABC World News Tonight and NBC Nightly News have both messaged me here and plan on using footage. Crazy end to a wild week in WNY.

Posted by John Kucko Digital on Sunday, March 12, 2017

Kucko’s photographs of the thick layer of ice encasing the home look so unreal, in fact, that he eventually uploaded a video of the phenomena, so that he could prove to the skeptics that his photos were legitimate.

“Amazed at how many people think I sprayed foam on the place, too funny,” Kucko posted on Facebook. He went on to explain that Western New York had recently been hit by violent winds, leaving more than two-hundred thousand people without power.

According to reports, the harsh weather hit the region on Wednesday, knocking out power from the state’s southwestern corner through to Buffalo and Lake Ontario’s southern shoreline.

In Rochester, where wind gusts reached 130 km/hr, business signs were torn apart, trees and utility poles were sent crashing into the streets and onto homes, and some of the waves on Lake Ontario reached nearly 15 feet.