Why settle for a cooler when you could have the “coolest”?

There’s no doubt that coolers are an integral part of camping and cottage life. They keep our drinks cool, our meat fresh, all using a couple bags of ice. They haven’t changed much over the years, mainly just a durable, insulated plastic box.

But the makers of “the Coolest” decided this wasn’t enough. They wanted to create an all-purpose cooler that has everything but the kitchen sink. They have created what they claim is the best and only cooler you will ever need. And to be honest, after watching their pitch video, it’s hard to argue that claim!

What does the Coolest offer?

  • Built-in, waterproof blue tooth speakers
  • A blender(!)
  • A cutting board
  • Built in dishes and knife
  • Superior design features such as extra-wide wheels, bungee cord straps and telescopic handle

There are also a few other neat features, such as a divider to separate ice for the blender from regular cooling ice.

The design was launched as a Kickstarter campaign with a $50,000 goal, but at over 20 million dollars pledged, it looks like this beauty is a go. Just make sure you don’t leave it unattended at the beach!

You can pre-order your own “Coolest” by clicking here.