Watch this family of ducks do the world’s cutest cannonballs

baby duck jumping from dock

If you’ve ever stood at the top of a high diving board and stared down at the water wondering how you’re possibly going to get up the nerve to leap, you probably understand how the baby ducks in this video feel.

In every animal’s life, there comes a do-or-die moment, and for these little ducklings, that moment came when they followed their mother to the edge of a dock. For the mama duck, the hop down into the water is no big deal, but clearly her babies have reservations. After their mother makes the jump, they stand in a confused huddle, clearly afraid to take the plunge.

However, when their mother swims back over to check on them, it’s all the encouragement they need. First one takes a bold leap into the water, then another, then a whole slew of ducklings does the cutest series of cannonballs we’ve ever seen (the series ending with a hilarious backwards flop).

Ducks learn to swim soon after they’re born, but clearly it takes a little longer for them to conquer a fear of heights. These ducklings were lucky to have the calm, encouraging presence of their mother to help them on their first jump. So next time you find yourself stuck at the top of a diving board, try to think like a duck—either that, or have your mother present.