Watch the dramatic storm that blew through Southern Ontario this weekend

Stormy S.Borisov/

If you live in Southern Ontario, you probably experienced some crazy weather on Saturday. High winds, impressive thunderstorms, and lots of rain swept through the area, and Environment Canada even issued a tornado warning.

Fifteen minutes before this warning, however, Nick Donaldson captured what he thought was a tornado touching down in Ilderton, Ontario. Filmed from his front porch, the dramatic storm cloud moves quickly across the sky, where you can see the wisps of a tornado beginning to form.

Here is a brief touch down of the tornado in ilderton!!

Posted by Nick Donaldson on Saturday, June 17, 2017

“Normally they fizzle out—this one didn’t fizzle out,” Donaldson told CBC. “It got bigger and bigger and bigger.”

Donaldson regularly monitors these weather events from home, not wanting to leave anything to chance. “I take it seriously. I don’t trust the warnings because they typically are late.”

Though Environment Canada had reports of damaged fences and trees in the London area, they could not confirm that a tornado did in fact touch down.