Watch a toddler go out in the rain for the first time—and love it

We know that rain can be a bummer, but the next time the sky opens up and you open your mouth to complain, stop and think instead about little Harper’s first foray out into a rainy day.

Until recently, Harper had only seen rain through a window, but a few weeks ago her dad decided to take her outside during a summer shower to let her experience the magic firsthand. Fortunately for us, the episode was caught on video, allowing us all to see the downpour through the eyes of a first-timer. According to the video’s description, “She simply couldn’t get enough, from the car ride home and watching it pour all over the car windows, to getting out and wanting nothing more then to run around, play, and exalt over the fabulous new experience with her Daddy.”

As Harper’s reaction reminds us, our idea of “perfect” weather is simply an illusion. The natural world is a wonder, even when it’s dumping water all over us, so the next time you see storm clouds on the horizon, make like Harper and give a little squeal of excitement.